Pilates experiences today are incredibly varied, not just in price but in quality, class sizes, and teacher experience.  This is due largely in part to a landmark court case that settled in 2001 in the USA, the verdict of which deemed the ‘Pilates’ name generic.  The result of this is that Pilates is now an unregulated industry- meaning that a teacher can label themselves a Pilates Instructor just by undergoing short weekend training courses.  While we believe that there should be a Pilates experience for everyone, the sad reality is the original work of Joseph Pilates has been largely lost due to this decision and the subsequent explosion of the broader industry.

  • Pilates was never meant to be taught in groups or to music
  • Pilates is so much more than the Mat and Reformer
  • Pilates is a totally integrated training system- building Stretch, Strength and over time Cardiovasualar health
  • Pilates is not truly Pilates if it is not applied to you individually, meeting your personal needs

At the core of Joe’s system is the notion that Pilates is corrective exercise.  This means that the client must experience both a realigning of the body towards optimal positioning, and must also experience a workout.  You are not experiencing Pilates if one of these elements is missing.  Further to this, the practice of the method in the original Pilates studio was individual- there were no classes, only individual workouts, targeted to the individual body.

At The Pilates Cottage we believe that you are really only experiencing Pilates if you are learning how the exercises and apparatus should improve your personal condition.  It is not possible to achieve this in large groups, or in sessions where you are not receiving enough personal instruction.  Our guiding mission is to make our clients move.  It is also our aim to build independence through self-directed practice, so that the value of the exercise experience and lessons learnt are taken home and remembered in the body and mind.

Lastly, Joseph Pilates only handed down his method to a chosen few to continue teaching.  Unfortunately today it is possible to become a ‘Pilates teacher’ in a weekend and as such what most people are experiencing as ‘Pilates’ is nothing like it was intended to be.  In many instances clients are being taught exercises they aren’t ready for, or our contrary to their personal needs.

We respect Jo’s protection of his system, and as such our teachers have undertaken leading qualifications and continue to receive ongoing training in the Authentic method and allied practices to continually improve our ability to deliver incredible training experiences to our clients.


Pilates is for everyone, however not everyone is for Pilates…nor is everyone for The Pilates Cottage…

At The Pilates Cottage we firmly believe in building and maintaining a strong culture that is supportive, fun to be around, and respectful. We believe that when you walk in the door, you leave your ‘shit’ outside. To benefit from our experience you must want to exercise and be open to change, and if you are, you will truly experience the incredible benefits of this method.

Our do’s

  • Be inquisitive
  • Practice
  • Learn
  • Progress
  • Move
  • Sweat, but grab a free towel before you do
  • Make mistakes
  • Repeat
  • Repeat again…
  • And again
  • Be OK with a bit of light swearing
  • Reach
  • Pull
  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Live