True Pilates is empowering. It is vital.

It is solo, individual, personal.

It is the study and practice of exercises that better you in body, and consequently in mind.

It is about progressively getting the best from your body, unlocking potential, and doing the workout that improves you as the individual.

The Pilates Cottage is regional Victoria’s premiere Authentic Pilates studio, indeed the only one offering an experience true to the original source of the method.

Through a combination of Private training and personalised Open Haus training you will learn the depths of the Pilates system, across the broad spectrum of Pilates apparatus. You will work out, train hard in accordance with your needs; you will sweat. You will leave feeling better, more in control- restored to a more optimal version of you.

The truth is that learning Pilates, like any great modality, requires a lifetime of dedication. There is a depth to the system that can not be gleaned in large classes, or through short training. To truly experience Pilates is to learn how it fits to your body, and through a delivery that reflects the originality of Contrology, the name Joseph Pilates gave to his body of work.

Our mission at The Pilates Cottage is to honour the method authentically. Further, we aim to honour the client authentically, treating each body as an individual that deserves individual attention.