Certain health insurance providers give some level of reimbursement to clients for Allied Health purchases.  It’s important that if this is necessary for you to have to ensure your ongoing commitment to Pilates that you speak directly with your provider to ascertain your coverage benefits.

Generally speaking most providers now only cover Clinical Pilates- which is exercise taken at a Physiotherapy (or similar) practice.  What is important to note is that while these providers are exceptional in the provision of clinical care in instances of acute pain or specific and chronic decondition, in most cases their ‘Pilates’ training has been undertaken in a matter of days- often only over a weekend.  Exercises taught in these environments often have little or nothing to do with True Pilates, which requires practitioners to master their craft through a 600-900 hour certification process, and subsequent years of ongoing personal training with a Master Teacher.  Therefore if you are looking for progressive, integrated and ultimately athletic Pilates training an Authentic Pilates practice will best suit your needs.

The Pilates Cottage believes effective Clinical training should result in specific and positive outcomes over shorter periods, beyond which clients should be moved on to training professionals who are experienced in progressive training.

Due to the fact that most Authentic Pilates is not available for insurance reimbursements, The Pilates Cottage offers a competitive pricing structure that across a year will ensure the client is training more, for less cost, than available through most Clinical practices.  Clinical financial benefits usually only last for a short period as reimbursement options run out quickly, and subsequent ongoing costs tend to run higher than at general Pilates studios.

A important note is that The Pilates Cottage does often refer our clients onwards to local Clinical providers when special treatment is required as we deem the relationship mutually beneficial.  In return we are often forwarded on clients who are ready for general athletic practice.

Further, we always suggest shopping around for insurance policies if Pilates becomes your main health expenditure, as you could potentially find a more suitable coverage that does offer reimbursements for Authentic Pilates.  Providers continually change Policy Benefits, so it’s important that you stay on top of your policy’s terms and conditions.